Festival Market & Guide

Strathyre Festival Market, Stage and Guide




Strathyre Music Festival Free Open Festival Market Place in the Car Park area immediately in front of the village shop. Here you will find lots of things going on in a great Festival atmosphere with a wide selection of stalls promoting local goods, drinks and services. Festival Market Place opens from: 11:00 am to 4pm on Saturday & Sunday 26/27 May


If you would like a stall contact Janet on jan123et@madasafish.com Tel: 01877384275 or call into Strathyre Vilage Shop to discuss in person. Stalls are £15 per day or £25 for both Saturday and Sunday.



The MARKET FESTIVAL STAGE was a tremendous success and will back again. Sat & Sun.

Musicians to ensure your slot book early. Please email Andy Bates on andy@balvaig.co .uk


Please note this venue is ACOUSTICS only.























This year we are pleased to welcome the following local businesses and organisations at the

Market Stalls:


Olly Bobbins, Trossachs Flowers, Lorraine Cakes, B.L.S. Community Trust, Cancer Research

PDSA, Park Rangers, Inverlochlarig Venison, Sparklres Henna



On the Festival Stage Saturday & Sunday


Saltire Steel, Balvaig, Falkirk Folk Collective, 3 point West, Abtrad, McLaren Pipe Band,

Riverside Ceilidh Band, Triskele, Cenna Dancing, Liz, Jasmine Milne.


PROGRAMME ON SALE NOW £1 From Strathyre Village Shop



More updates to follow:




Local Information: Food and Accommodation

Strathyre has a number of superb Self Catering Cottages, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House and Inn accommodation. We have our own Immervoulin Camping and Caravan Site - If attending the Music Festival in 2016 - Please book early as places can fill up fast.


Places to Stay:


Places to Eat Out


A useful guide to local Business, Accommodation and places to eat out in the wider area can be found on the local LETi site - Loch Earn Tourism Information - Visit the LETi Web site www.robroycountry.com




Please stay locally at the local Immervoulin Camp site just a few hundred yards away

to the South of the main Venue or at Balquhidder Braes Campsite 2.5 miles to the North.

with easy Access to Route 7 National Walking and Cycle Network.


Camping Pitches Still Available for the Festival weekend.








Please do not attempt to Wild camp in the Village of Strathyre or around the Festival Venue as you will most likely be asked to move on by the Police.


Wild Camping is of course permitted in many parts of Scotland away from populated areas but we need to draw attention to the very high risks from open fires in an area of significant forestry. Please camp sensibly and help us keep our beautiful area tidy. We are grateful for the vast majority of our visitors who leave the area reasonably tidy, which is a great help to the small team of volunteers that need to clean up after the event. Thank You .



  1. Have a great time.
  2. Just ask any of the Festival Team if you need help or information
  3. Please help us try to keep litter to a minimum to reduce our clean up time.
  4. Please visit and support the Festival Market Stalls outside the Village shop.
  5. Please note : Open Fires are not permitted at the Festival venue or car park area
  6. Please dont bring glass drink glasses or glass bottles to the Festival - in the

interest of safety and high risk to children from any accidental breakages

  1. Please support us by buying drinks at the Festival Bar. This is our main source

of income to keep the Festival going and is in fact, the main contribtion towards

our growing running costs

  1. Parents Please keep young children accompanied at all times. The nearby river can be

deep and fast flowing at times and the busy A84 Trunk road is also closeby

  1. Dog Owners - Sorry but in the interest of safety and hygeine, Pets are not permitted at the Festival Music Venue - Sound can be loud and flashing lights can also be upsetting to pets. There are good pet walking facilities around the village if you chose to keep your Pet in a well ventilated car. Please remember to bring poop bags along.




Strathyre Music Festival can be reached by the National Walking and Cycle Network Route 7

Prosound Enginners (Glasgow)

Terms and conditions:


  1. The Strathyre Music Festival Committee offers entry to the Music Festival through the purchase of an Admission Pass at a daily cost for attendance applicable to all attendees aged 16 or over. Accompanied children under the age of 16 may be offered access to the Music Festival with a pass provided at no cost.
  2. Entry to the Music Festival is granted at a low cost to make it affordable and to make it appeal to a wide audience as very high value event at a very low cost. It is hoped that this offer will encourage those attending to support future Music Festivals through purchasing all drinks at the Festival Bar in the main venue tent. Revenue derived through bar purchases is the main funding source to maintain our popular annual event.
  3. In order to maximise the revenue described at 2. above it will not be possible to enter the main venue with guests own alcoholic drinks whether in glasses, bottles or other containers. The Festival Management Committee reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone attempting to enter the main venue with drinks not purchased through the Festival Bar.
  4. All drinks must be served in plastic containers in the interest of safety and to avoid the risk of injury that can be caused by broken glass whether from bottles, glass tumblers or wine type glasses.
  5. Wild Camping is not permitted at any location around the village of Strathyre. Those wishing to stay over may arrange camping at the nearby Immervoulin camping and caravan site. We respectfully ask campers to be courteous to local residents and other camping residents who may be on holiday, by keeping noise to a minimum especially when returning to the campsite in the evenings.
  6. No open fires are permitted at any locations around the village of Strathyre in the interest of safety. Anyone lighting such fires could be asked to leave the area by the police and could risk being fined.
  7. Whilst every precaution is taken by the Festival Management Committee to ensure the Festival is a safe family friendly environment and Public Liability Insurance is in place to cover the event. The Festival Management Committee are unable to accept any liability for any accident or injury caused to any individual, which is out-with the direct control of the Festival Organisers.
  8. By the very nature of their construction, The main Venue Festival tent and Gazeebos at the Festival Market Place may contain guy ropes to support their structure. Care should be taken at all times to remember these supports exist to avoid any risk of injury from tripping - this may be especially important with young children attending.
  9. In the interest of safety and hygiene, for festival guests, children and the pets themselves, we are unable to allow pets to enter the main festival venue. Please leave pets at home or in a well vetilated vehicle if you must bring them with you. There are ample options for dog walking around the village, please bring poop bags and use the bins designed for their disposal
  10. There will be an ample number of Litter bins placed around the Festival main venue and Market area. Please help our small band of volunteers who have to clean up after the festival by placing all litter or cans in the buckets provided.
  11. Attention is drawn to the fact that there is a busy Main Trunk Road running through Strathyre and the nearby river Balvaig can be fast flowing, very cold and deep in places. This is especially important for younger children attending who must be supervised at all times.
  12. Free parking is available around the Festival main venue, at the Munro Inn or for those camping , space is provided at the Immervoulin Campsite. There is no parking available outside the village shop or in Old Station Court. Bicycle parking is possible outside the Broch Cafe and Village Shop and at other locations around the village. Motorcycles must not park on any pavement areas to allow safe access for pedestrians, wheelchairs or those with children in pushchairs.


Please help us to secure the future of this popular family friendly festival by accepting the above safety advice, terms and conditions that we need to apply.